Innovative Automated
Material Handling Solutions

With multiple technologies at our fingertips, we can offer the best
solution for your materials handling challenge or opportunity.

Automated materials handling equipment and warehousing solutions that are effective, space-efficient and affordable.

Talk to PHS Innovate (formerly Scott PHS) about the speed you need and the space you have. With more than 67 years’ experience with materials handling systems and warehouse robotics, we have the track record and expertise required to design and build automated warehouse solutions that accurately fit your brief.

From our engineering base in New Zealand, we can offer materials handling products and systems that are customised to your needs. We build solutions for multinational companies with multiple production lines running multiple SKUs. We also work with smaller artisan companies who want to step up production and grow their business.

Material Handling

Warehouse Automation

Automated and semi-automated solutions for warehousing. Whether you’re a small business or a major multinational, we can offer a tailored solution that optimises productivity. We provide solutions for extreme warehouse environments, such as cool stores.


Solutions for depalletizing bottles, cans and other containers, including robotic, semi-auto and fully-auto systems.

Case Packing

Semi-automatic case packing solutions for small-to-medium bottling line applications.

conveyor systems

Conveyor Systems

Stand-alone and integrated transport and conveyor systems.


A range of solutions, including cases, bags, pails, crates and shrink-wrapped products.



Automated wrapping system that’s stand-alone or integrated with a palletizer.

pallet handling

Pallet Handling

Stand-alone and integrated pallet handling solutions.

Case Studies

Innovation in action

Visit the PHS Innovate YouTube channel to see a range of fully-automated, semi-automated and robotic materials handling solutions in action.

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