Gripper Elevator / Lowerators
Gripper Elevator / Lowerators
Gripper Elevator / Lowerators


  • C, Z, and Loop Styles designs allowing flexible configurations
  • Accommodate different Containers like PET, glass, aluminum, or steel containers
  • Stainless Steel Construction ensures corrosion resistance, and hygiene compliance
  • The Gripper Elevator/Lowerators utilize a Gripper Chain/belt with replaceable rubber inserts
  • Nylotron Guided Tracks which ensure stability and assist in smooth and precise container movement
  • Full Disc Cornerways enable seamless transfer of containers around corners without any tipping or jamming
  • Automatic Chain Tensioning mechanisms maintain optimal tension in the gripper chain eliminating manual adjustments
  • Quick Product Changeover adjustments when using multiple container sizes and shapes, minimising production downtime

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