• Autosat pallet shuttles enable deep lane high-density storage racking layouts, optimising floor space by reducing forklift aisle. 
  • The pallet shuttle transports pallets within the racking system, ensuring quick and precise pallet storage and retrieval, removing drive-in racking and associated rack damage.
  • The shuttles are easily transported between bays by a forklift, allowing shuttles to be used in multiple racking locations.
  • Hand-held remotes allow operators quick access to shuttle operations, controlling multiple shuttles.
  • The pallet shuttles can communicate with the warehouse management system (WMS) allowing integration and real-time tracking of pallet movements.
  • A wide range of sizes are available, designed for multiple pallet types and sizes. Autosat also offers many shuttle options including Freezer grade, washdown, WIFI , stainless and extra load capacity.    
  • Energy-Efficient compact light weight batteries using quick rechargeable long-life lithium-ion allows for continuous operation for extended periods.
  • Equipped with safety sensors and bumpers and include emergency stop buttons in accordance with safety regulations.

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