• Range of sizes for a variety of applications.
  • Real-time tracking and data analytics.
  • Customised by our engineers to suit your warehouse or production line.

Reception & Shipment

Loading handling from reception bays to storage areas and vice versa, from the warehouse to the shipping bays on ground-level lines. Additional operations can include scanning barcodes and weighing the loads.

Line operations

Drop off & pick up on the conveyor, or at ground level, of raw materials, finished products, and WIP products. Also, empty pallet feeding and interfacing with wrappers, labelers, palletizers.

Vertical operations

Pick up and drop off from racks, automatic warehouses, stacking and de-stacking of pallets, and block storage.

Auxiliary flows

Supply of auxiliary materials, such as cardboard, plastics, collections of euro containers with non-conforming items, or waste products and transportation of empty containers.

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